We are thrilled to announce the following confirmed speakers:

PCET in Oxidation Chemistry

  • Discussion Leader: Jeffery Warren (Simon Fraser University, North America)
  • Speakers
    • Miquel Costas (Universitat de Girona, Europe)
    • William B. Tolman (University of Minnesota, North America)

PCET in Energy Catalysis (2 Sessions)

  • Discussion Leaders: Sara Thoi (Johns Hopkins University, North America) & Charles Machan (University of Virginia, North America)
  • Speakers
    • Louise Berben (University of California, Davis, North America)
    • Antoni Llobet (Institut Català d’Investigació Química, Europe)
    • Emily A. Carter (Princeton University, North America)
    • Ken Sakai (Kyushu University, Asia)
    • Inke Siewert (University of Göttingen, Europe)
    • Andrew Peterson (Brown University, North America)

PCET of N2 Chemistry

  • Discussion Leader: Alexander Miller (University of North Carolina, North America)
  • Speakers
    • Paul J. Chirik (Princeton University, North America)
    • Shelley D. Minteer (The University of Utah, North America)
    • Lance Seefeldt (Utah State University, North America)

PCET in Biology

  • Discussion Leader: Kana Takematsu (Bowdoin College, North America)
  • Speakers
    • John W. Peters (Washington State University, North America)
    • Bern Kohler (The Ohio State University, North America)
    • Nigel Scrutton (The University of Manchester, Europe)
    • Jay Winkler (California Institute Technology, North America)

PCET in Organic Transformations

  • Discussion Leader: Timothy Warren (Georgetown University, North America)
  • Speakers
    • Robert Knowles (Princeton University, North America)
    • Erik J. Alexanian (The University of North Carolina, North America)
    • Derek Pratt (University of Ottawa, North America)

PCET at Materials Interfaces

  • Discussion Leader: Smaranda Marinescu (University of Southern California, North America)
  • Speakers
    • Yogesh Surendranath (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, North America)
    • Emily A. Weiss (Northwestern University, North America)
    • Sharon Hammes-Schiffer (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, North America)
    • Cyrille Costentin (Université Paris Diderot, Europe)
    • Marc Koper (Universiteit Leiden, Europe)

Excited-State PCET and Photochemistry

  • Discussion Leader: Elizabeth Young (Lehigh University, North America)
  • Speakers
    • Oliver Wenger (Universität Basel, Europe)
    • Dmitry Polyansky (Brookhaven National Laboratory, North America)
    • Marc Robert (Université Paris Diderot, Europe)

Fundamentals and Model Systems

  • Discussion Leader: Leif Hammarström (Uppsala Unviersity, Europe)
  • Speakers
    • Massimo Bietti (Università di Roma, Europe)
    • Tom Miller (California Institute of Technology, North America)
    • Starla Glover (University of Pennsylvania, North America)
    • David Stanbury (Auburn University, North America)